April 5, 2014

“Mitochondrial DNA Mutations also influence the aging process”

It’s unbelievable that the deeper I go into the aging process and the latest advances in the field the more doubts I have. It’s possible that I can be wrong in any of my reasonings, hence I would appreciate that you let me know your opinions.

Besides the SHORTENING OF TELOMERES, a process that I have recently tackled, MITOCHONDRIAL DNA MUTATIONS have an important influence in the process of aging.  

The Mitochondria are small organelles that can be found in great amount inside of each cell. These structures facilitate biochemical reactions by means of the production of Adenosine Triphosphate ATP, and they generate energy from nutrients and oxygen throughout a reaction that is known as Oxidative Phosphorylation. Besides producing ATP, the Mitochondria regulates the control of calcium in the Cell, articulating this way the                                                                                                           cell’s death.

These organelles contain the Mitochondrial DNA of circular morphology with 37 gens, from which at least 13 codify enzymes that are involved in the process of Oxidative Phosphorylation.  Some researchers affirm that some variations in Mitochondrial DNA depend on the geographical place of origin.  

Mitochondrial DNA also undergoes a higher number of mutations than nuclear DNA. It has been discovered that it has implication in illnesses such as Autism, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. For example, in the case of Alzheimer, the amyloid substance is accumulated within the mitochondria acting as a toxin.  

To conclude, we can say that Mitochondrial DNA Mutations are linked to environmental pollution and light stress; and also that they are a primary cause of skin aging.